ISSUES - 2013

These are issues as I see them. Issues that the news and main media should exploit, yet they don't Issues # 1 - Fitness Americans are unhealthly, out of shape, and clueless. Not all, of course, but the majority are stuck in an endless cycle of bad habits and poor choices. It's not their fault, this is what society has fed us. Easy living, fast food, and minimal effort. With all things considered I have pulled together a variety of clips that encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. I hope you are inspired to try harder, go further, and do more with this precious gift we have called life. A big thank you to the runners in Undo-Ordinary, Sentell McDonald, and Michael David for their contributions to the episode. And even bigger thank you to my Director of Photography, Jan Ferrer ( and my Creative Contributor, Marisol Martinez (, for your commitment to my dream. Love you.

Created, Directed, Edited  By Nai Vasha