Play Fool

I've moved onto touching myself

multiples times in one day.

Why didn't you let me in this go round?

I take you as an honest man,

so who is the fable for if it not the world.

The world you flipped the bird to years ago.


I'm riding on the J train.

Manhattan bound,

marching to the melting pot.

It's Becca's birthday and

I asked your company.


You laughed as if I play a fool.

Generously presenting myself to you.



It stormed for one hour,

people running in the streets in fear.

I danced.


There's a reason the rain is here.

I'm late like the wild rabbit,

aimless like the hare.



Things I could be doing other than looking at the sky waiting for a sign

Or searching the Internet waiting for the same

Things change

Nothing stays the same

So as we grow


Are we even growing ?

Doing the same shit we did yesterday

Without even knowing

As I'm standing in the same footsteps 

of the same doorway that keeps me away from the world.

Sometimes I'm too sheltered for my own good.

Other times just down right dangerous.

Don't let me get me.


Nothing of this world has ruined me. Even when I was the hazard.


Winners do what losers don't.

What don't I need to start stop or continue doing to get what I want?

At the counter of success payment is in full and in advance.

Everything I got is from everything I gave.

Know your worth and dont compromise.

My office is my mind


Giving my money to the church instead of the bar. 

No longer amused by destruction. 



Love came without our permission

Love is leaving without our consent.

the burn out

I said I’d stop smoking and drinking.

For me. For my body.

These things don’t make me better.

And dammit.

I want to be great.

I caved in

and puffed sunshine

while flower bombs burst high in the sky.

I felt like one of them,

cracking fire in a dark place.

Exploded with light but quickly going away.

L train

One dollar one dollar.

Each candy is one dollar

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen

My name is Byron and I am selling candy and fruit snacks today

Please help me by buying my candy and fruit snacks.

I am selling candy and fruit snacks to stay off the streets and out of trouble.

The good honest way

One dollar one dollar

Each candy is one dollar

L train to Manhattan

bedford ave

Ladies and gentlemen

Excuse I am down on my luck

Help me with a small donation

Down on my luck

Help me out with a small donation

Down on my luck

Help me out with a small donation

Down on my luck

Help me out with a small donation

Down on my luck

Help me out with a small donation

Down on my luck

Help me out with a small donation

Down on my luck

Help me out with a small donation

Down on my luck

“This is, Bedford Avenue”


Eff it

I need to stop saying fuck

I say fuck a lot

The Fly

On the waterfront, with bugs and flies. I’ve had too much to eat. Chest heavy, ass lifted. Feeling an itch in my throat . Hawking phlegm like a Vietnamese in squatting position. I guess I’m purging my impurities. Upon arrival to NY I eased into a freedom once felt. Life unlocked the shackles of a closed mind and body, i wiggled my toes in excitement. The air, putrid, yet refreshing whispered softly. Street cars zipping past and life back in my hands. I’ve paid my fare.

What type of woman do you think I am? Especially since you know me best. I rarely give anyone this much attention. Did I mention, I’m in love with your potential.

The fly that flew inside my mouth

And lived inside my body

The bug`

And itch to love somebody

The man within my hands is a bud growing, I water your seeds, fulfilling your needs. Mother love, so much inside of me. And all the while I’m learning space and boundaries. Territories no real woman should ever cross. You let me push buttons and turn you on.

And well

I’m much obliged. mm

Tonight my desire for you faded like the sunset. Leaving your bedside I rose on the west side highway on a late night. Trying to cage inhibition. She’s a wild one with no mind. The thoughtful woman inside wants to control her. Hold reigns to a leash which is my future, pulling me. Walking alongside my master.

My heads ringing. Been experiencing internal bleeding since we kissed goodbye. As I google all the things that could be wrong with me I’m not so focused on anatomy. What’s so wrong with me that the thought of loving is obsolete. What’s inside of me that’s drawing us like pen and ink? This is poetry. Wandering while wondering, sometimes you call to check on me. Sometimes you share the best of me. And other times I think I can do better.

Obviously I’m a bit confused.


That’s the state of our existence.



Dirty Sanchez


enjoyed my writing.

How my words were nonsense that made sense. He helped me

to love what I did, naturally.

Go after a life of love as if your life depends on it ... cause it does


Break out but not down

Get up and stand tall

Talk only when necessary

Give nothing but your all

Break walls and kick doors

There is so much to explore

Make windows and magic

Protect both with habit

Break laws and break boundaries

Cause a ruckus while you can. 

Boarding pass

I can’t complain, this is what I asked for. 

Funny how we speak our desires into existence then sometimes have resistance when they appear. 

White Flag

Sounds of heavy breathing

I sat patiently

Waiting to purge my insides

I touched myself this morning

Drenched my sheets

All to the thought of you.

As I lay and die

I see your eyes

And dream of similarities 

existing in 


If I could play a 1000 games with you a day I would

But only the ones that make you feel good

You like to play for 


I surrender

You win.


When the smell hurts your eyes and you hope to never see temptation again.