Let it bleed

Purebred ruffian. 

I once told my mother that life would be better for me as a boy. I hated hair, loved to be outside getting dirty, tried Sid moves on all my dolls and loved working with my hands. 

She told me to never question the way I was made. 

I then asked her to talk to God and ask him to take my menstrual cramps and leave me the body. 

She ignored me. 

And I sat there in thought, a black woman, wondering why I'm at the top of the totem pole with the shortest end of the stick.  I sat there. Studied up on the human body and female cycle. 

How we women get a chance to rid ourselves of toxins and waste monthly to prepare our bodies for new life. 

Men just have poison running through them all the time and can never really get it out. 

Poor things.