New hair? I didn't even recognize you"

 "How do you do that to your hair?"

#"Not everyone gets to look like someone different everyday." 

As if Britney Spears' matted hair plug crisis never happened to pop culture. They're called extensions made from synthetic material that is bought at a beauty supply that I braid into my hair. It is not a statement, it is not a trend. It is convenience when traveling and a rest from daily maintenance. It is a part of black culture. You can't know everything about black music yet be ignorant to black culture.

No no. 


You, the person asking, align with pathetic patterns in human behavior. Seeing as though I can get new eyelashes semi-permanently glued on by a woman I don't even know to the lid of the organ that helps me identify people. 

This is no different but definitely safer. 

Its hair. 

It is not mine. 

It never belonged to some Indonesian person. 

It's disposable. 

Like whack dudes and bobby pins. 

Sometimes you have a head full. 

Sometimes you can't find one. 

It's gone. 

I took them out. 

I'm going to look "different" next time you see me. 

It's ok. 

Don't fret. 

Try looking at my face or focus on my overbite for identification purposes. 

I will, however, continue to post images of my epic adventure with grey avatar extensions. 

Peace and love.