A message on boobs.

Don't let Teyana fool you. Working out with large luscious boobs is a challenge. First off, brands can't seem to find the proper way to keep my girls separated. They have different personalities and don't like being forced into a tight place for a long time. Then there's chaffing, which always shows it's sensitive self after 6 miles in my world. I've been lathering the "booty balm" on but the mental angst of wondering if I'm raw after a race sometimes throws me off my game. Then there's the nipple thing - which I never care about but am very aware that my beams are bright and someone will have something to say. And then there's the weight. Im mostly muscle up top - skrong. So the recommendation to lose weight to lose tits isn't as easy as it sounds. I'm so down for trimming body fat but I'm also very conscious of the fat that's necessary to carry a child which I've yet to have so I'm not stressing my boobs to be something they don't want to be. I love Khadijah (left) and Maxine (right) enough to keep it natural under my arms and not wear wired bras to reshape my form. I check my cleavage after every burpee and often give peep shows without noticing. My point in this message is to bring awareness. The booty is trending but titties need love too.