"If you can keep your head when all about you, are losing theirs and blaming it on you." Kipling speaks through Dr Bronner's each morning. 

Every day becomes clearer. 

I tell my friends to turn me into a tree when this is over.  And if my heart makes an impact, maybe they'll name a park bench after me

so that anyone can sit in nature and take a moment to think. •

"Be the change that people want to see."

First thing people complain about is work. That they want to fulfill a passion that drifts away each day from their dreams. 

But where do we spend our time? 

Our moments for mastery? 

If we be friends on every social platform then why not weld as friends to create new opportunities. 

To speak louder. To dream bigger. 

At 16, I was the Third Key at Footaction. 

They broke policy to let me lead. 

I got all my friends jobs. 

All we wanted were Jordan's. That's as big as our dreams were back then. 

I just wanted to make it happen. ...