All I Do is Listen To Love Songs


Why remember everything I tell you?

What is it that you gain me from me? 

How are you any different from everyone else? 

Or are you just everyone else?



I don't want to analyze. I don't. 

I can conjure up an extravagant story to electrify sensation. 

I feel you feel the connection. 

I'd like to separate the brain from body in our case 

They each want individual attention. 

Witty, silly, wild and ruthless

You recognize my sicko. 

And encourage the attire. 

The body finds a way to connect. 

Primal instinct. 

Magnet pull. 

Somethings gotta give. 



I'm vague. Yes. 

Positive in approach yet general with application. 

I don't want everyone to know everything. 

Yet I've always told you more than you need to know. 

What you need know is that I'm here to love. 

Positioned and purposed. 

Every action is with desire. Every idea inspired by the heart. 

Adorned on my sleeve. Flagrant on the breast. Thick in my belly. 

I love until there is no more me. 

Is my love powerful? Absolutely. 

When I track the record I count the wins. 

Everyone wins but me. 

When I count the wins I claim the victory. 

But the only person lying to themselves in that equation is still me. 

I champion others. 

No one sits in my ring 

Pouring out can only continue if you are poured in to. 

That uncertainty of supply is the pain you catch in my eyes. 

My well is drying. 

I'm scared I have nothing to give but stories of what once made sense 

Hoping they replenish me

Fuck that's some honesty. 

And honestly, I don't know why I tell you so much 

Maybe I just want someone to no me and not just know me. 

Not to own or control or feel the need to change what's pure 

Just to know what I'm positioned to do. 

understanding that my purpose is also my torture. 


Esthero triggered a memory

Let's just say we are Eskimo sisters

Knighted the first weekend I moved to LA. I told my lover to be open. 

Although I wanted it all closed. 

I want to throw up when I think about my dating life here. 


Like what the fuck. 

Too open that I can't get close.