Black America

Salt on the face as the river runs

Black on their skin that will never run

Ask me what to do and I lace up to run

Knowing that my answer is found beyond the threshold. 

I ain't scared. I ain't sorry. 

I'm not waiting to die. 

Ask me what to do and all I can think about is my present. 

The presence of the present. 

The gift that gets taken for granted. 

Not just by the police. Not by discrimination, segregation or alienation.

But by the power of my own righteous hand. 

Ask me what to do. 

Say grace. 

Say that you love yourself. 

Say it and don't wait for someone to take your life. 

Own your life. 

We sat in a circle. 

We discussed the whys and how's. 

They asked, what to do?

We go home, we eat vegetables. 

We go home, we speak love. 

We go out, we show love. 

We invest in ourselves. 

We take care of each other. 

We aren't fighting one another. 

We are fighting a system. 

Stop poisoning your system. 

Stop giving your money to the rich 

Stop letting these brands own you. 

Stop sharing ignorance on social media

Stop chocking the power you possess. Stop killing yourself in the process. 

Ask me what to do. 

We go home. We eat our vegetables.

We enjoy our lives. 

We don't let them take our day. 

And we don't offer them tomorrow. 


God Bless.