Call Your Momma

Celebrate people. 

Create opportunities. 

Get over yourself. 

Love and nurture the way you need to. 

Be the weird one. 

Don't wear pink if that's not your color. 

Maybe you don't want to tone down your reds. That's cool. 

Be great. 

Be strong. 

Be thoughtful. 

Be a pillar of faith and prayer. 

Be the one person everyone calls for light and wisdom. 

Be bold. 

Be determined. 

Use whatever tools available and master them. 

Wear your body like your best outfit. 

Wear your brain like your best asset. 

Dress like you want. 

Clean up once in a while to let them know you still got it. 

Speak your mind. 

Stand for something. 

Prove everyone wrong. 

Pick up trades. No one can steal your practiced thunder. 

Be kind. 

Be patient. 

Don't try to change people just be the change you want to see in others. 

Lead by example. 

Celebrate life. 

Celebrate each other. 

Celebrate all colors. 

Celebrate all women. 

Call your momma.