I Feel Like Hancock

I don't get hurt, ever. I remember jumping off my cousins rooftop into their swimming pull below and the adrenaline that would hit as soon as I took the leap. Just a month ago I went trespassing in Mohave and got caught on barbed-wired. It was the first tim that my swift and agile body fell victim to the obstacles in front of me. I let the cotton of my sweatpants soak up the blood and let the wound close on it's on. No time to baby the small stuff. Like a domino effect, injuries continued one after another. Most days I consider myself to be something like a super hero. 

As of lately I feel like someone has slipped me a little Kryptonite because I'm getting injured, daily. The little things from a nail breaking out a paper cut seem to happen day after day. 


Watching the wound heal is fascinating. Hurting the knee is excruciating. It's not like I could just fall and sit down, for some reason I had to prove to myself that I could still keep moving although my body was in pain. Twenty mile bike rides and marathon training runs kept my small wound from healing. Breaking the skin with every stride. I can't even do yoga without reopening my wound, reminding myself of how fragile and delicate this ruffian can really be. The constant splitting and tearing of my flesh became a deeper observation to the complex and beautiful structure that is this human body. 


I got up and kept running. Embarrassed by the fact that nothing was immediately in my way yet I fell like a white girl in a horror movie. It took a good hour for me to accept the idea of pain as well. My hands helped to brace my fall yet weren't ripped apart so I figured my knees couldn't be that bad. I kept running. All of a sudden I stopped to check in with my assumed pain. The fabric of my leggings began to melt around my knee. There must be blood. 


I've watched my body heal after being broken. The hard scab that resembles nothing on my flesh yet has made its home upon my injured need in order to protect me from myself. It's amazing how the body is capable of adapting to circumstances at any moment. My personal favorite is the wrinkling of the finger tips to adapt to wet surfaces. We mold and bend naturally because the body is a genius. A functioning organism that thrives without our efforts or understanding. The heat the immediately rushes to an open wound, triggered by the brain in a sense of survival. 


We the human find ways to adapt in nature. To over come most injuries with proper recovery and rehabilitation. To adjust mobility when necessary. I been been having hip problems for months and went Dr Mike and he literally popped my body back into place in under 30 minutes. 

Not bad. A little blood and gravel but nothing too gruesome. I kept running as if nothing happened, all the while my fascia exposed and heating up. Falling as an adult is no joke.