In every attempt to feel my feelings.

I like him. 

I always have but had to wait. I'm still waiting and its slight torture. 

Not sure if he can feel my nervousness. 

The fumbling of words is a dead give away.

Can't describe the excitement I felt from running into him tonight. 

Little school girl. 

I get sweaty and timid. Sometimes I let out a little crazy to see if that's what moves him. 

I want to get it before it's tarnishes. 

While its learning what it wants but open to trying new things. 

I know he is interested. But nervous as well 

Cautious to say the least. 

But he knows I'm different. 

He knows my rarity. He pays attention and listens. 


And is so attractive. I can't help it. 

If I have to help it, he isn't the one. 

Bc that's how perfect situations can be.