It Takes No Talent To Quit

This issue we played with the elements of graphic identity; high definition, low resolution, and pixelated noise. As athletes, artist, and purveyors of life we are dusts in the cypher floating wild and free. And like these particles we create matter when fused together. 


In every attempt to be human, authentic and advantageous we've signed on to keep this going. This, being the tendons of matter that connect curious limbs to one sound body. 

Because after the computer crashes and the printer rushes your masterpiece and the product gets held in customs then delivered to the wrong address, you still have to give the people what they need. 

You have to give what matters. 

It is our true desire to deliver insightfulinformation that ignites, inspires and empowers our community. 

We are excited to announce the launch of our digital platform that will seed more UNDO content to the Internet as well as opportunities to unplug, unwind, and Undo-ordinary.