Supple Fingers

Beyond what we say to each other. Beyond what we think we feel. 

Between the first time you smoked me out in Detroit to this moment now, I've found a place for you in my heart. 

Before I get too wordy 

Before you segue into the something else. Before I show you more of my secrets. 

Because I don't trust anyone else. 

Believe I love sincerely

Believe the heart is pure 

Believe that what I give to you is special, something no one else will endure. 

Before I get emotional 

Before I start to count our cycles around the sun. 

Before it's all over

Before I'm up and gone

Beyond the bullshit that made us grow 

Beyond the people that came and left 

Beyond the high times and low times

Beyond all the nights spent 

Believe in love babe. 

Believe in me. 

You've seen real love babe. 

Choose to believe 

We're magnets 

and I'm forever drawn to you. 

Even when I leave, I still come back to you